This is the "mochi" (rice cake) which must have for new years in my culture.
I purchased fresh mochi at local store.
My son loves it, so we already start to eat them. ( can't wait until new years day!)

Thank you so much for supporting my shop, visiting my blog and a lot of sweet message.
I hope all of you are having a wonderful new years!


oven mitt and pot holder for children

oven mitt and pot holder for children
This past weekend I was able to finish a children's mitt and pot holder.
I am very happy with the results!
I made them for my friend's daughter. She will be 2 years old on Feb.
When I heard that my friend bought her child kitchen items as her Christmas present.  I thougt the mitt and pot holder would be great idea as her birthday present!

Aren't they lovely??

I am really really falling love with this strawberry fabric!  The fabric is Riley Blake design. ( green fabric is also from Riley Blake.) Sooo sweet and pretty.

I purchased 1 yard.  So I have still a lot. Addition I have another color of these design! I am thinking if I make the girl's summer dress, it would be so pretty!!

pot holder : 5.5" diameter
The cotton lace between strawberry and green check fabric for the accent.
I added cotton quilt batting inside. (I used double batting)

I also used double cotton batting for the mitt.
Even I made them thick, I am not sure if it is safe to prevent from the heat.

Therefore, I recomend these mitt and pot holder for the pretend play.

My son helps you to give the image how big the mitt is.
I am planing to make something more with this fabric for the birthday girl!

red combination

I made red combination for my shop. I will  try to post it by weekend!

Thank you for visiting!!


kid's hair salon

I took him to the kid's hair salon today. It is his first time to go to the hair salon to cut his hair.

I usually cut his hair, but this time I thougt it would be nice to have someone to cut his hair sometimes.

He was very brave. He sat on the chair ( the chair looked like the car!!) and watched "Tomas" on TV.

The stylist cut his hair very quickly.

Here is my son. Hundsome my boy!  LOVE!! (more than daddy....:P)


Happy 3

I baked Christmas cookies with my son early this week.

It was messy but fun!

He helped? me a lot. :)


He tried to decorate the cookies....

still difficult.

Happy 3!   Happy Gingerbread cookie family. :)

I hope all of you are having a great Christmas!!
(I am baking the big Hum for the dinner right now! What is your christmas dinner?)


The gift

I received this beautiful gift from my  blog friend Amy from chick chick sewing!!


I saw this key fob on her blog a few days ago and it is mine now!! WOW WOW!!
I love it!
She made it beautifully, and the fabric which she choose is very beautiful.

I understand she really really love crafting. Because of her detail work.

This is the sticker made with her handcarved erasers. Super cute!!
I'd like to try to make these cute handcarved erasers next year.

She also gave me her Christmas ornament. It is filled with dry lavender.

Thank you so much, Amy!  I love your Christmas card, too.
I am looking forward to seeing your blog again.

Best wishes to you and your families. :)


masking tape

I have just added these pretty masking tapes in my shop!
If you are interested in the tape, you should have one!
Masking tape is really useful item to decorate your home, scrapbooking, craft and gift wrapping!

Here is some idea;

Hung the ornament,

Decorate your child's drawing on the wall without damage. (both wall and paper)


By the way,

This is the ornament which my son made at school.   I am very proud of him.  Good Job!!

He also made the stocking from Origami. ( His teacher helped to make one.)
I found the tutorial. Let's try to make one with your children!

I am working on making little mitton and pot holder for children right now. :)

sample mitton and pot holder.

My friend's daughter will turn to 2 years old on Feb. I heard that my friend bought the kitchen for her as the christmas present. So these little mitton and pothol der will be great to give as the birthday present!

I still have something to fix both the pattern and design.
I hope I will finish them by early January.


The winners are.....

Thank you so much for participating my first giveaway.
I received 320!! comments on my previous post.
I read all comments. It really make me happy. :)

I used this random Number Generator from RANDOM.ORG
The generator picked these four lucky  winners.

225,  139,  216,  26 !!  Congratulation!!

No.225 is Joanna who said "You have put so many beautiful things in your giveaway - so generous of you! Congratulations on the success of your Etsy store! "
Joanna, you won the " Azuma Bukuro bag" .

No.139  is Melanie who said "Beautiful gifts! Thank you for the chance."
Melanie, you won the " set of 2 Bookmarks "

No.216  is Cinnamon who said " The zipper pouch and pin cushion are so cute! "
Cinnamon, you won the " zipper pouch and pin cushion "

No.26 is Megs who said " I've loved watching all of the beautiful things you create for your shop! Thank you for the chance to win.!!"

Congratulations !!

I will contact you guys soon!

Thank you so much!
Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!


My first Giveaway!!

Hello everyone! Thank you for visiting.

This year, I have a great year with my etsy shop and I enjoyed making handmade items very much.
Not only to sell my items, but also I had a great experience communicating with customers beyond the relationship of seller and buyer.
I sold over 260 items so far and recieved many many great feedback. I want to scream how much really appliciate all my wonderful customers.
Thank you so much!!
Therefore, I've been thinking about having a giveaway for a long time to return my thanks.
A few days ago, I found this post from Sew, Mama, Sew! blog.
To particepate this Giveaway event is going to be good oppotunity for me.

If you are interested in my items,  please paticipate it! 
All you have to do is to leave a comment on this post. Please do not forget to leave the information such as your email, shop address, blog, other URL etc. Then I can contact you when you win!
I will choose 4 winners randamly.

The Giveaway opens until December 17.  (The give away is finished) Item will ship from USA and I will ship to international. :)

Ok, Here is my item to giveaway.

1. Azuma bukuro bag (wrap bag)

azuma bukuro bag : Large size
Made from beautiful Amy Butler's fabric. The size about 23" x 21" (large size)

How to use it?
It is very simple, you put your items in the bag and just tie a knot!
I think this bag is very unique to give as a gift.

2. Pink matryoshka doll zipper pouch and pink/brown pin-cushion.

zipper pouch and pin-cushion
zipper pouch is a great item for everyday use!

3. Set of 2 Bookmarks.

Made from beautiful kimono fabric called chirimen.

Aren't they lovely?

4. Set of 3 Japanese masking tape.

masking tape
You can use these masking tape to scrapbooking, wrap your gift, mail, making card...
I love the masking tapes and I have a lot! :) You will love it, too.

Ok, Good luck to everyone.
I am looking forward hearing from you.


I will participate this fun event!
Please come back to see the detail tomorrow!!

Have a great weekend!


Christmas table runner

table runner
This is the Christmas table runner which I finished last week.
I know my quilting technique is not perfect.  Especially when I make a larger project.
So this table runner is good size for me to practice.

I thought just one layer of batting would be too thin. So I used double.
Ahhhh....  It was difficult for me to quilt because of the thickness. (In addition my machine is not the type to quilt a lot. Its just a regular home sewing machine.)

But finally I finished the quilting. Not so bad, probably. :)

I have to test how it will look like after several washing;  However I do not have any problems with this quilt so far. :)

This is the other side. This fabric is from cosmo cricket early bird collection. I love it. very cute!!!

This is the corner. I think my binding is ok. It doesn't look so bad.

I am thinking to challenge more quilt next year. We will see.....


fabric ball

I made this fabric ball in the first time.
The fabric is from my Christmas scrap. (still I have a lot!)

The size is about 3.5 inch diameter. It is good size on my palm.
The process to make the ball is simple; however it is difficult to make it pretty, even and nice round shape.

My ball is not  even, especially both of the top. So I tired to hide the mess with felt and button, just like this picture.

looks good?

OH! NO!  The shape is still awful! :P

It doesn't look like a ball. It reminds the Japanese lantern!

I need more practice to make a cute round ball ornament.
Do you have any advice to make it pretty? :)


another decoration

blue and silver glass ornaments in the antique jar
 This year, I made a lot of Christmas items for my shop, such as stocking, bunting, shell pouch, coaster etc.
I am very lucky person. Almost of my items found their new home!
Thank you all of my lovely customers! Enjoy!!

So now, I wanted to be slow down little bit and started to make something for my house.

I mentioned earlier, I choose the red and gold glass ornaments for our Christmas tree.
However; I choose the blue and silver color for my son's room.
To add something new in the small space is enough for him to feel special.

First of all, we decorated the wall with the blue and silver glass ornaments. ( I purchased these set just $5 at Target!)

Then I made this fabric bunting. :) I love it!

Though I did not have enough fabric left to make new stocking neither big bunting which I sold in my shop, I still have a lot of  scrap to make this bunting.

I choose the blue and white Christmas fabric to match the glass ornaments.

This is where he sleep everynight.


first trade

I had a wonderful opportunity to do a trade with Julie from juliethefish.
This is my first time to do a trade with other artist!
She is one of my local artist and her work are wonderful!!
I was so happy when I received a message from her. Thank you!

I choose this custom baby spoon and fork set.
She hand stamped my son's name and DOB on it.
I will put them in his Christmas stocking. :)

She also makes a lot of custom jewelry. Visit her store, you will find your favorite!
Thank you, Julie!
I love them!!


fleece pants

I made this fleece pants for my son a few weeks ago.
The pattern is from one of my Japanese sewing book.

I choose one size bigger for him. So It looks big / baggy / wide pants. :)
It looks funny. But it is ok. He wear it at home, it keeps him comfy.

The elastic band pants to make it easy for him to go to the restroom and for changing.



Hello December

This year I decorated our Christmas tree with my son.
Our Christmas tree is not so big; however, it is good size for our small apartment.
I choose the red and gold glass ornaments for our tree.
There are a lots of pretty ornaments in different colors, but I tried hard to stick with my choice.

Here is my son helping me. He hung them very well and did not to play with them. Somehow He already knows about Santa Claus, and waiting for him everydays.(and  present, of course)

On the rainy days, he asked me if Santa has a unbrella. He is so sweet. :)
I answered that Santa wears a special coat to keep him warm and not able to get wet from snow or rain.

This is one of my favorite. Santa Claus on a Polar bear.
I purchased it at a hallomark shop on last year's after christmas sale.
So this is his first year on the tree. Isn't it cute? 

Seems like we have more and more ornaments each year.
There is no room for new ornaments.

Yeah! Merry Christmas!!