cute!! from Japan

This cute santa tin can is from Japan. My friend's mother sent it to my son. Thank you!!
Yammy chocolate is inside. :)

This cute felt bag with cookies is also from Japan.
Teddy bear family. Another tin can from Japan. My friends gave me 2009.

Last one!  I purchased some tea from Lupicia. Lupicia is Japanese tea company.
You can buy thier unique flavored tea here in USA.

This tea is named " Carol ". It is black tea, coconuts flake, strawberry leaf and Rose petal blended.

featured in Sew, Mama, Sew!

What a Honor!

My Christmas table runner is featured in Sew, Mama, Sew! Blog. Sewing Trend Holiday Color

This is the photo of my Christmas Table runner. This runner was sold and I wish it would bring the smile to new owner. :) Of corse I have my own Christmas table runner!

Thank you so much for including me.


christmas tree pillow case

Christmas Tree Pillow
 Hello, I made these pillow cover for our living room.
I saw the tutorial from verykerryberry's blog and love it!
The tutorial is easy to follow.
Our 20" pillow fit nicely.

I used the same fabric collection of our Christmas stoking. So It looks very nice to see together.

This is the Christmas tree with snow. So I picked white based fabrics. :)

Red and green is always best color combination for Christmas!!

I quilted both of pillow case and envelope closer for back side.

These makes me smile. I love them!

Here is another one.

This is my original. 16" x 12" pillow case. I got a lot of inspiration from flikcr photo.
I like shimple stright quilting stitch. :)

Christmas is getting close! 
Happy Holidays to everyone.



Thank you so much for participating my giveaway.
I received 115! comments on my previous post.
I read all comments. Thank you so much!
I used random Number Generator from RANDOM.ORG
The generator picked these four lucky winners.

5, 34,  55, 110!! Congratulation!!

5, The Monkey's Mama said
"I have been wanting to make one of those awesome wrap bags! "

You won the bag!

34, margaret said
"I love handmade items. I'd rather have that then something from a store! Even when it costs more! I can always feel the care that went into it. :) "

You won the zipper pouch!!

55, Jeannie D  said
"Your work is lovely...the wrap bag is so clever,the little pouches so delicate and feminine and the pincushion so sweet with the little bird in the center! (I am a bird lover). Can't wait to check out your Etsy shop. Happy Giveaway!"

Thank you! You won the pin cushion. :)

110 ylrbmk, said

"The zipper pouches are amazing...you're very creative! "

You won the zipper pouch.

Congratulations !!

I will contact you guys soon!

Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!


Calender 2012

I found this beautiful 2012 calender here!
You can download it FREE!!

Of course I downloaded it and quickly made the calender stand for me.

I cut the corkboard and just pin it by thumb tacks.

I picked pink and black fabrics to make the fabric covered button.

cute shoes. I want this shoes in real one. :)


Giveaway Time!

Hello everyone! Thank you for visiting.

It is the giveaway time!
If you are interested in my items, please paticipate it!

All you have to do is to leave a comment on this post. I am happy to hear that why you love the handmade items! Please do not forget to leave the information such as your email, shop address, blog, other URL etc. Then I can contact you when you win!

I will choose 4 winners randamly.

The Giveaway opens until December 16. (giveaway is finished!)  Item will ship from USA and I will ship to international. :)

Ok, Here is my item to giveaway.
1. Azuma bukuro bag (wrap bag)

How to use it?
It is very simple, you put your items in the bag and just tie a knot!

2 and 3.  Pink and blue linen zipper pouch

4. Blue/Purple log cabin pin cushion.

I sold many of my patchwork items this year, I am getting more addict to this field.
I want to make more next year!
Ok, Good luck to everyone.
I am looking forward hearing from you. ;)


Holiday Baking

I visited to my friend yesterday. My son and her daughter are good friend and love to play together.
Here is the cake I baked and bring to her yesterday.

I made this cake from Rice flour. The texture of the cake is more moist I think.
Anyways, can you see the parchment paper under the cake?
I found this snowflake parchment paper at Joann and of course I bought it. This is pretty! You should get one!!

My son helped me to creat the gift tag. He wrote " Christmas " in Japanese.

Me and my friends baked the holiday cookies together. It is fun!  I have to practice more to decorate the cookies looks pretty. :)

One more things!

I am now making Christmas pillow cover for our living room!
Can't wait to finish this!!

OH! Please do not forget to check tomorrow's giveaway post!!


Dec. 12

Hello everyone!
I am planing to participate the Giveaway which is hosted by SMS! blog on Dec. 12.
Please come back to see what I listed for the Giveaway!!

Thank you so much for stopping by. :)



patchwork reindeer
I worked hard for couple days to finish this guy, my first patchwork stuffed animal reindeer.
I purchased the pattern from Japan. Here is the website : http://www.felissimo.co.jp/kraso/v14/cfm/products_list701.cfm?WK=20421

This was my first time to make the stuffed animal. Of course it is not easy. Because I am not good at hand stitching.
To sew body and head together is the most difficult part for me.

I want to make another reindeer with pastel color fabric next time.

He sit on the console at entrance to say hello to the guest.

new bunting for Christmas.

My son is happy to welcome his new friend. He named the reindeer "Jingle".
He said this guy is the boy. :)


Tree skirt

What is this? Cape??

The answer is......

tree skirt
Tree skirt!!  This year will be our first Christmas since we moved in our new house.
We have big open space living room. The celling is really high.
So we decided to buy new Christmas tree!  It is 7.5 feet.  I am really happy to buy this one.

We decorated tree with ornaments which I collected for past 6 years.(Most of them were purchased after Christmas sale. :) )

This one is new. My father bought for us when we traveled to Napa.

The back side of tree has no ornaments. ;) We still need more ornaments in the future.

I made a tree skirt for our new tree. It is about 60" diameterr.
A lot of biding process made me tired, but finally I did!!
The stitch, especially back side of biding is not pretty, however I am very satisfied  how it turned out.

Happy Holidays.


Happy Thanks giving

Happy Thanks Giving to all !!
I am having good time with my friends and family.
I ate a lot, lot. :)
I am going to sleep early to take a rest tonight. I am not sure if I go to the blackfriday sale.
How about you?
Probably I will stay home and hung out with my son.

Well, My esty shop is on sale now.
This year's coupon code " HOLIDAY10 " (It means 10% off any order, exclude custom listing)
It will be affective now by Monday.
If you are interested in some of my items, use this coupon code when you purchase.
A coupon code applies to all items listed in my shop and is not applicable to shipping.
If you have any questions, please contact me through the conversation on Etsy!!
Thank you so much!


star quilt

I made these pretty star quilt pot holder for my shop!
These are pot holder, I added two layers of insul Brite. So you will not burn your hands :).

I really like this pattern. So quickly I made two more star quilt!

This time, I added regular cotton batting, so this will not work for pot holder.
I made one for me and one for my sister in Japan.

I use this mini quilt as a mat for my mini christmas tree!!

I never seen these min tree and ornaments in Japan.  I think my sister and her daughter (she will be 8 years old soon) will love this tiny tree. The size is perfect for the little house in Japan. :)

Have a happy holidays!!


Reversible pocket tissue case Tutorial

reversible pocket tissue case
finished size : 3 1/4" x 5"
Hello Everyone, The photo is the pocket tissue case which I made recently. It is very easy to sew! Therefore, I'd like to share the tutorial with you!
If you look for something casual gift for the Christmas to your friend, teacher and co-workers, this is great item as a gift.

Ok, here we go.
This is including 1/4" seam allowance.

You need two pieces of 5.5" x 7" fabrics. (one for the exterior and one for the liner)

Sew Right side together, sew the shorter side. ( just like the photo)
Please leave a opening (about 1.5") for turning.

Turn to the right side and iron it.

Turn back the other side again and fold like the photo. (Put the edge that you sewed earlier to the center.
It is hard to explain... I hope you figure out from the photo.

press it!

sew both of side.

cut 4 corners

Turn the tissue case right side out and sew the opening by handstitch!

That is all!!
Pocket tissue size is 8 3/5" x 8 3/10" ( I purchase it at Target.)

I made Set of 5  with cute Christmas print. :)