Reindeer 2013

Reindeer 2011 and 2013

I wanted to make something to celebrate my daughter's first Christmas.
The patchwork reindeer is perfect project!

I have not sewing for a while, so it took me little time to finish.:P

Some of fabric is same as I used when I made baby items before.

I embroidered the year and her initial.

She is now 7 months. She is trying to move forward.

Have a happy holiday, everyone!


dress for my daughter

dress with frilled collar
This is the first dress I made for my daughter. The size is 2T, so it is still big for her.
I purchased Japanese sewing book this spring, and I couldn't wait!

Girls style Book
 There are a lot of cute pattern in the book. I'd like to try to make all of them!

This dress with frilled collar is very simple to make and it turned out so sweet!

I kept this fabric for long time. Almost 3 years? I bought it when I traveled to LA when my son turned to 3 years old.

Here is second dress. This is not from the book. The pattern is from one of Etsy shop.

Last one is balloon-shaped pants. This is from Japanese sewing book.

I think this pant is good combination with the first dress.

I know, they are still too big for her. :)

I hope she will like them.

女の木の母となったからには、娘に拒まれるまで 作り続けたいものです^^


baby booties

baby booties
I made baby booties last week. The pattern is from Zakka Handmades.
I think you already know, yes this is my dear friend Amy's first book!
Instruction is easy to follow. I'd like to make more project from her book in the future.

It will perfect fit to my almost 3 months old baby.

We will be invited wedding party next month. She will wear this booties to go to the party.

Addition, I made her dress(not for the wedding) from Japanese sewing book recently. It came out so cute! I will take the picture and share with you next time!

手芸友達のAmyさんの本の中からベビーシューズを作りました。リバーシブルになっていてとっても可愛いです。 立体的なので、難しいかなぁと最初は思ったのですが、作ってみると簡単に出来ました!


baby shower gifts

gift for baby boy
Hello, everyone. How are you doing?
I am doing well, just busy to take care of my baby girl.

Today I want to share the baby gift which I made for my friend.
She is expecting her baby boy on August and her baby shower will be held next Sunday.

fabric basket from noodlehead's pattern
First of all, I made a divided fabric basket. I really love her pattern. The basket is very useful!

Then I made two changing mats.

changing mat

brown polka dots fabric is oil cloth

This one is diaper pouch. I wanted to make the one like mine, however I mistook when I cut the fabric....   I hope it still work for her.

Burp cloth. 
burp cloth
Herbal tea and slim pencil case. Pencil case, because She is very good at drawing. 

 I hope she will enjoy the gift!

My daughter is now 2 moths old.
She starts to smile and getting chubby everyday!


My son is really good helper. He takes care of his sister very well and I am very pround of him!


hello baby

Our baby girl was born on May 9 2013, 5:52AM.
It was 39 weeks 5 days. Her weight was 6lb 8oz and 19 1/4 inch tall.

I started to feel contractions at 2 am and went to hospital 4:40am.
When I got to hospital, it was around 5 am.
As soon as I got to hospital, contractions were short and it was very very painful.
It was already 7.5cm open, and it was too late for anesthesia!!

Everything happened too fast. I did not expected this fast, however I am so happy to have healthy perfect little angel.

2 days old

7 days old
3 weeks old
3 weeks old

Yes, she is getting chubby. She wear the suit which my son draw the picture by fabric crayons.


Big tote bag - Diaper bag

Diaper bag
Hello everyone.
My baby bump is now so big and heavy.  I am now 38 weeks and ready to meet my little angel.
I really feel it is getting close the day.
Last week, I made a big tote bag. Probably this is the last one which I can make before baby is born.
I will  use this bag as a diaper bag.

Exterior fabric is cotton/linen blended fabric from Japan.

Liner fabric is re polka dots from Amy Butler.
I added pocket inside.

I added zipper closer to secure.

Hope I can introduce my baby next time. ;)
Have a good weekend!

38週に突入です。 臨月に入り、さらにお腹が出てきた気がします。
今日は出産前の最後の作品として、先週仕上げたBig Tote Bagを紹介します。






Nursing cover

nursing cover

I made a nursing cover. I followed this great tutorial from Diary of Quilter
It is easy to follow and I like how it turned out. Thank you so much.

For me, I used 1 yard of fabric and 14" boning. Because I am a tall woman.

I also found other tutorials which added pockets both side of corners.
I simply cut baby wash cloth diagonally and sew together with main fabric.

I picked this beautiful fabric from my stash. It is Meadowsweet by Sndi Henderson.

Thank you for stopping by. Have a great weekend!


授乳カバーを作りました。Daiary of QuilterさんのTutorialに従って作りました。


授乳カバーに使った布は、Sandi Hendersonのものです。数年前(もう3年位前になるのかもしれません!!)に色違いで2しゅるい購入した分の1つ。ずっと布山に眠っていました。



for my baby

Well.. hello everyone! It has been a very, very long time.
I am doing great. My pregnancy is now 34 weeks!
I have already gained over 24 lbs.... 
However, it is difficult for me to find good position when I sleep, everything sounds ok so far.

今 のところ順調なようですが、34週にしてはお腹が小さいといわれ、明後日にウルトラサウンドで赤ちゃんの大きさを測定するといわれてしまいました。。日本 の雑誌やウェブサイトで確認すると、私のお腹の大きさは小さいなんて事は全くなく、34週の日本人妊婦の平均より、大きめなのですよ(苦笑)

 During I was away from blogging, I was busy to make baby items.

Finally I took pictures to share with you!
Here is the divided basket. Patten is from Noodlehead. I love this pattern. The basket is just right size and very strong!! I made 3 baskets so far. One is for my son and other two are for my baby.

Divided BasketはカリスマブロガーのNoodleHeadsさんのパターンから。このパターンとてもよく出来ていて、大きさも強度もちょうどよく、息子の分を入れて3つも作ってしまいました。

pink divided basket for baby

brown divided basket

Next is hooded baby bath towel. It was made from 1 yard of terry cloth.

Hooded bath towel

I think it is big for new born.... but it is ok. 

フード付きバスタオルは、1ヤードのテリークロスを購入し、後はその大きさを最大限 利用できるように正方形に裁断。(←これが本体)残り部分でフードの部分(2重になっています)をとって後はご覧の通り、バイアステープで包んで出来上 がりです。それでもちょこっと布が残るのでそちらはベビー枕の裏側やら、ダブルガーゼの布と組み合わせた小さめハンカチタオルとして利用しました。

Binding with pretty little flower.

oil cloth diaper pouch

Bib Bib Bib!
Most of bibs made from double gauze fabric.

Receiving Blankets


burp cloth
burp cloth

pillow cover

Hand towel(small burp cloth)
double gauze x old baby bath towel
Burp Clothは市販の布オムツを購入して、デコレーションしています。息子の時はBurp Clothは特に用意せず、タオルやハンカチで十分だったのですが、今回は出番が来るのかな?
後は枕カバー (適当に)、残り布でハンカチタオルを作りました。

I still plan to make some more for baby. I hope I will post about it later!

 私ってすごいなぁって思ったことは、Burp ClothとReceiving Blanket以外は布山からすべてまかなえたって事です。まだまだ布山高しです。
Thank You for stopping by!!